She and Him Release Totally Cute New Video

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She and Him

She & Him, the duo of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, has a new video out today for the song “Thieves” off their latest release, Volume 2. Almost unsurprisingly, the video was shot in incredibly grainy black and white, makes use of 1920s-era props, and features child versions of Deschanel and Ward, whose innocent love is broken up until they find each other years later vis-á-vis what looks like a treasure map, and perhaps some time travel. Also, ten-year-old M. Ward sports a moustache/goatee that looks just like thirty-six-year-old M. Ward’s moustache/goatee. Anyway you look at it, this video is classic She & Him.

So far, the video’s been called “cute,” “charming,” and “folksy,” which is totally accurate, but here’s the deal: We need some new adjectives to describe She & Him. We can’t rely on “pretty” and “loveable” and “adorable” forever. Come on, people, this is the era of ridiculous, hyphenated indie music sub-genres like shit-gaze and crab-core and baroque-pop and glo-fi! We can do better than “cute” and “charming.”

In other words, here are some suggestions:

  • “Did you see that whimsically vintage She & Him video?”
  • “That new She & Him video revels in an unabashed, child-like fancy.”
  • “The intentionally sub-par production values give the new She & Him video a sense of quaint, informal novelty.”
  • Fetching.
  • “The kid who’s rocking the M. Ward goatee looks quite dastardly, in a Snidely-Whiplash-as-a-lonesome-latchkey-kid sorta way.”
  • “Freakin’ darling as shit.”