The Lovers Who Got Engaged On Twitter Get Married

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Twitter wedding

A Hawaiian couple got married this week after meeting in person, courting over Twitter, and getting engaged through the social networking service.

Their wedding even became a Tweet-up:

About 75 people attended the gathering at the open air amphitheater for the sunset wedding. Friends of friends helped to live stream the affair so the groom’s family across the mainland could share in the couple’s special day.

Many guests who were friends on line were finally able to mingle and meet in person at the informal wedding ceremony and reception.

“I have known them on Twitter for a long time, but this is the first time I am meeting them face to face,” said Ed Morita, a guest at the party. [KITV]

Wait, they streamed the ceremony across the way so the groom’s family could watch? Wow, we’ve finally found people lazier than those who spend their time on Twitter.

Suppose there’s nothing left but for a couple that actually met on Twitter to get married IRL.

Image via this YouTube video of the ceremony.