Video: Futurama Skewers NOM’s “Gathering Storm” Ad

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Last night, the thankfully revived Futurama parodied the current (ridiculous) fight over same-sex marriage with their depiction of "robosexual marriage" and "Proposition Infinity." Because it’s Futurama, the result was predictably hilarious, but one of the best parts was their version of the National Organization for Marriage’s so-bad-it’s-still-really-bad "Gather Storm" ad.


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Of course, this prompted me to re-watch the original ad, which made me look up NOM’s website, which filled me with burning gay rage, which made me rip apart our fax machine with my bare hands while screaming "MAGGIE GALLAGHEEEEEEEEEEER!" (No one was using it anyway.)

I’m, uh, better now. I will share with you, though, this hilarious answer on their "Marriage Talking Points" page:

Are you a bigot?  

A: “Do you really believe people like me who believe mothers and fathers both matter to kids are like bigots and racists? I think that’s pretty offensive, don’t you? Particularly to the 60 percent of African-Americans who oppose same-sex marriage. Marriage as the union of husband and wife isn’t new; it’s not taking away anyone’s rights. It’s common sense.”

Thank God NOM has revealed the truth: people who support same-sex marriage hate black people.

Via Towleroad.