Video: Gary Shteyngart’s “Super Sad True Love Story” Book Trailer

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Every writer cultivates an origin myth. For Gary Shteyngart, that myth goes something like this: as a young man he attended Oberlin where – during a mushroom trip – he imagined himself an immigrant past. Ever since that fateful day, he speak like Russian immigrant come from Moskva, writes novels, and rubs elbows with the literati. He’s illiterate, teaches at Columbia, and demands his book advance be paid in smoked meat, pickled tomatoes, and trios of debutantes from Mount Holyoke.

It’s the moving tale  – (probably only about sixty-percent true) –  of a man grappling with the harsh light of literary stardom, a Bildungsroman filmed in a gritty style of cinéma vérité. Or just a chance for him to show off all of the famous writers he knows. Either way, it’s worth a watch:

Look for an interview with Gary Shteyngart about his upcoming novel – Super Sad True Love Story – and an excerpt from the text on Nerve in the next couple of weeks.