Sleep Sexing Is Real, Says A Guy Who Claims To Have Sleep Sex

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Sleep sex is real, according to a guy who suffers from the strange disorder.

Back in December of last year, we featured the story of a woman who claimed to have been dumped by her boyfriend because she was doing sexual things in her sleep and "refused" to admit to knowing what she was up to. She now says she doesn’t have male friends spend the night, for fear she will jump them or start touching herself while comatose.

Some people had a laugh on her over this story, although reports a few weeks ago indicated that she was but one in 12 people who have experienced "sexomnia." Today, we discovered this tale:

…when I woke up, my girlfriend was leaning over me, her eyes sparkling. "What?" I said. "You really don’t know, do you?" She started laughing. "You were fingering me ALL NIGHT LONG!" I didn’t remember a second of it….

When I opened my eyes, my girlfriend was in front of me on all fours, I was behind her on my knees and we were engaged in some hardcore sex. I gasped and immediately asked if she was OK. "Oh God, yeah," she said, so we kept going.

"I remember we were both sleeping on our backs, and you rolled over, started fingering me, and eventually got on top of me and started banging me for about five minutes. I don’t think that you finished because you mumbled something weird like ‘I need to get the cat’ that I couldn’t quite understand, then rolled off of me and went back to sleep. I wasn’t completely sure you had sleepfucked me until I asked you about it the next day, and you had absolutely no recollection that it happened. It was still pretty good sex, though!"

Of course, sleep sex can lead to sexual assault, or so we’ve heard. (Here’s the part where we usually say, "So be careful and do x and y," but so little is known about this phenomenon yet that we can’t be sure there’s much you can do to avoid it.)