While You Were Sleeping: Jim From “The Office” Shatters Your Dreams

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Alexander SkarsgardWhat is going on in this dance video starring a guy-humping Alexander Skarsgard? Whatever it is, it’s quite erotic.

A professor at The University of Illinois was fired after telling students that homosexuality was immoral as part of a class on Catholicism.

Did you not hear about the video game condoms? There’s one for every kind of nerd.

"In a major setback for the RIAA and the major record labels, a federal judge today cut the $675,000 damages award against Joel Tenenbaum for downloading and sharing 30 songs by 90% to just $67,500." Still an outrageous fine — $500 would be more fitting. 

The dreams of men and women all over the world were shattered over the weekend when John Krasinski married Emily Blunt at Clooney’s place.

"Despicable Me," starring another guy from "The Office," recouped virtually all of its production costs in its opening wekeend at the box office.

"Winnebago Man," the documentary on what I think is the original/ultimate viral video, opened on Friday with Michael Moore and Jack Rebney in attendance. It may not be a great documentary, and it’s certainly deeply troubling at times, but "Winnebago Man" is made for those of you who wish you could meet the heroes of the internet IRL. The concluding minutes of the film are surprisingly touching… especially if you’ve ever seen the videos of the angriest RV salesman in the world.