Alikewise Is The Dating Site For Book Snobs

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Alikewise dating site for book lovers

With the continuing decline of the bookstore in America, where do you pick up your likeminded nerds/intellectuals/David Foster Wallace dweebs? You could try Nerve, where only the finest people date online, or you could check out the new hub Alikewise, which calls itself "a dating site that allows you to find people based on their book tastes."

Those tastes aren’t limited to, say literary fiction or historical biographies — users can find other locals with a predeliction for vegetarian cooking or cheesy old murder mysteries. (Guys who like romance novels? Uh, yeah, not a chance.)

Profiles consist almost solely of books loved by the user and comments about those books. (Here’s an example — note that her profile consists of little more than the books, her age, photos, and her age/gender preferences.)

Sometimes it’s difficult to write about books without coming off like a pretentious blowhard or a nitwit who lacks critical thinking skills, but maybe a pure love of printed words is enough to attract someone.

Via Alikewise.