Due To a Contract Dispute, Millions May Miss Out On ‘Mad Men’

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Customers of AT&T’s U-verse cable provider were notified recently that they may lose AMC on July 14th, the day the contract between the channel and the provider’s parent company, Rainbow Media, runs out. (They would also lose WE and IFC, but that doesn’t matter as much because you can find shows about insane brides-to-be everywhere, and if you are the kind of person who would watch Freaks & Geeks you already own the DVDs.) The big concern, obviously, is Mad Men. And while this reminds us of the dispute that went on before the most recent Super Bowl, in that everyone’s making a big noise but someone will probably cave in the end and viewers won’t actually miss out on anything, no one should be kidding around when it comes to their yearly supply of Don Draper.

So, which Mad Men-inspired response is most appropriate if you are a U-verse user? You could:

A. Drunkenly shoot at Rainbow Media’s pet birds:


B. Agressively finger-bang Rainbow Media until you get your way:

So happy I got to use this reference twice in as many weeks.

C. Smash a vase over someone’s head:

Suck it, rape doctor.

Or you could just go here and make your point in a more uselful, but less thematically evocative way.