Edward Norton Thanks Marvel For Offering (And Then Retracting) ‘The Avengers’ Hulk Role

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Edward Norton is the swellest guy. Not only did he accept Marvel’s last minute decision to pull the Hulk rug-role out from under him, but Norton issued this incredibly sweet missive, assuring us that’s everything’s going to be just fine. It was posted on his Facebook fan page. (I know – weird.)

Edward Norton, you are a prince. If you want to read Marvel’s original send-off to Norton, check it out here. (It’s scathing! And highly disagreeable!)

It’s rumored that the role may go to Joaquin Phoenix, of recently insane fame. Boo! I’m not sure why Marvel feels Phoenix would make the better Bruce Banner, really – no idea. Maybe it has something to do with Norton fighting Marvel over the final cut of The Incredible Hulk and then refusing to do press for it. Maybe.

Via HeyUGuys