Nudists Attempt To Break The World Skinny Dipping Record

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Nudists in Palm Beach go for the world record

Nudists from around the world ganged up in an orgy of good feeling for an attempt to break the world record in skinny-dipping.

It is unclear if the organizers of Sunday’s dip were successful in breaking last year’s mark of 13,674 people in 139 cities, but several people who spoke to the Montreal Gazette and other papers said the numbers surpassed their expectations.

The activity was part of an entire week of nude activities organized by the American Association for Nude Recreation.

“We’re tired of being the victims of prejudice and intolerance,” Don Pitcairn, president of Surrey’s United Naturists, said Sunday. “A lady who came by was calling us perverts and child molesters.”

“We were doing nothing wrong,” he said, adding that the nudists were several hundred metres away from more popular bathing spots. [Montreal Gazette]

Let’s go to the video, courtesy of CNN, of one group of participants in Palm Springs. First prize to the one who spots any nudity that slipped past the editors.