True Blah: The Video Blog for True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll

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Deborah Ann Woll Jessica From True Blood

We bet we weren’t the only ones back at our TV sets with glee last night for the return of True Blood after a two week dry spell. July 4th was great and all, but we still couldn’t help missing our weekly dose of raunchy sex, blood lust, and Southern vampire royalty hijinks. Yes, much to the dismay of "indoor kids" everywhere, Independence Day was sadly lacking in the usual fangs and fisticuffs that help get us through the work week.

Sookeh and the gang returned with more violence, sex and Southern-accents than we could ever hope for. The only thing missing? Screen time for fledgeling blood-sucker-turned-waitress, Jessica Hamby. Luckily for everyone, pulse or no pulse, we’ve just discovered baby-vamp Jessica’s video blog – hilariously named True Blah. Jessica, played by red-headed beauty Deborah Ann Woll, has quickly become one of the most intriguing characters on the show. You think your life is tough? Try being a teenage vampire virgin locked up in a creepy old house with more time on her hands than the boy in the bubble. Now that’s hardship.