Louis CK Can Make Even a Vasectomy Funny

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Of course he can, as evidenced by his appearance on The Joy Behar Show last night approximately three hours after he actually had the procedure performed. The real question should be: can Louis CK make even The Joy Behar Show funny?

(Kidding, kidding! Behar is easily my favorite of any of the co-hosts from The View, the rest of whom shall not be named here. But I do think that CK manages to bring out the best side of Behar, which is the brassy, willing-to-go-there funny lady.)

Thank God this man finally got his own TV show. Okay, well, thank God he got a second chance at having his own TV show, which you’d all better be watching. But before you go, a related question: should someone as funny as CK really be taking himself out of the gene pool after only two kids? Think of the rest of us, man! Our children will need people to make them laugh as well, you know.

Via Videogum.