Jon Benjamin Finally Gets His Own Show

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After years of being better and funnier than every other comic with their own half-hour program, Comedy Central finally threw up its hands, defeated: "Fine. Let Benjamin have his show." Jon Benjamin, the voice of Coach McGuirk from Home Movies and Archer in the FX animated series Archer, was greenlighted to start production on Jon Benjamin Has a Van this fall.

Benjamin will play an investigative reporter who roves the streets, finding human interest stories with his custom van:

"Jon Benjamin has always been a very good driver. Outfitting him with a brand new van, with automatic transmission and filled with video recording equipment, will really allow his creativity to flourish," states Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s head of original programming and production.
We’re excited. Comedy Central ordered ten episodes which are slated to premiere next summer. And good luck to Benjamin, whose voice work on Archer garnered him a 2010 Emmy nomination. Finally! Some sweet recognition for the man with the best voice in comedy.

Via HitFix