New Details About Stieg Larsson’s Fourth Millennium Series Book Emerge

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They’re…probably not as revealing as you were hoping. The manuscript — which at 320 pages was still 120 pages away from Larsson’s goal length when he suddenly died — was left on the author’s laptop and is now held up in a dispute between Larsson’s family and his former partner, Eva Gabrielsson. (For the record, she doesn’t want it to see the light of day.) Besides Gabrielsson, though, only one person was ever told anything about the book’s plot, and that was Jon-Henri Holmberg, Larsson’s decidedly less tight-lipped friend. And now he’s decided to share the few things he knows.

Are you ready for this? Here is the text of an email from Larsson made available to the Associated Press:

The plot is set 120 kilometers north of Sachs Harbour, at Banks Island in the month of September… According to the synopsis it should be 440 pages… Did you know that 134 people live in Sachs Harbour, whose only contact with the world is a postal plane twice a week when the weather permits? But there are 48,000 musk-ox and 80 different types of wild flowers that bloom during two weeks in early July, as well as an estimated 1,500 polar bears.

Oh. Oookay. Well, if I take what I know from the previous books, combined it with this new info, and give it a good go-around in my imagination… I’m going to say the fourth book finds journalist Mikael Blomqvist and hacker Lisbeth Salander exposing the seedy underbelly of the wild-flower trade, chronicling the abuses suffered by naive young musk-ox at the paws of uncaring polar bear power brokers.

Yes. That sounds about right.

Via Yahoo.