Tommy Wiseau, Director of Worst Movie Ever, “The Room,” Leaks New Film Trailer

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Poster for Tommy Wiseau's movie The RoomTommy Wiseau’s seven-million-dollar opus, The Room, captured the title of "worst movie ever" and the hearts of Z-movie fans everywhere. Now he’s leaked this provocative morsel of a trailer for his upcoming web film, The House that Drips Blood on Alex. Yes, the man with "the passion of Tennessee Williams" and mastermind of "hilarious dark comedy" is at it again, only this time, he’s apparently in on the joke — and covered in gore.

As fans of his first cult hit surely know, the mind and motivation of Tommy Wiseau are nearly as baffling as his ridiculous dialogue and story-lines. Who can forget the wooden delivery or creepily forced chuckle that sparked a thousand midnight film screenings, and eventually, a collaboration with the intentionally comedic duo Tim and Eric?

Surely it’s going to suck, you say — an intentionally comedic film made by a man who cast himself with full sincerity in some of the most disturbing love scenes ever seen on screen. Well, we were with you on that, until we saw this clip, which promises to pick up just where "You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!"-Wiseau left off, only this time with lots and lots of blood.

Compared to the first movie, it’s a step up, no?