The Ex-Blocker Allows You to Erase Your Ex Online

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An image of an erased woman from Obscene Interiors

Break-ups suck. We’ve all been there: it’s three a.m. and you’re clicking bleary-eyed through the new photos on your ex’s Facebook wall, trying to decide who this "Steve" who posted them is, and whether you should text her to find out.

Luckily, the Internet — the source of all these problems — has the solution: The Ex-Blocker. While still in its early stages, the Ex-Blocker is a browser ad-on that’s essentially designed to help you get past those first big hurtles (see above). Right now, you can enter in an ex’s name and his/her FaceBook, Twitter, and blog URLs, install the add-on, and let Ex-Blocker do the rest.

Granted, it’s not perfect yet — when I tried it out, it removed all photos of my ex and mentions of her name, but didn’t actually block her Facebook page itself. But hey, it’s a process. In a few months, you might be able to make someone disappear completely, like they never existed. Then, you can move on with your life, never getting that reconciliation e-mail in which she says she genuinely wants to be on good terms with you and how important you were and how awful she’d feel if she never saw you again. That’ll show her.