Video: Sassy Gay Friend Takes On “The Giving Tree”

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The Second City Network is definitely milking this series for all it’s worth, but I say, milk away! Sure, the newer editions may have lost that sheen of novelty the videos once had, and I think "She’s a stupid bitch" could probably be retired at this point without any complaint from me, but at least I know I’ll laugh. (Nothing makes you reevaluate your life and your choices more than watching a boring and unfunny video on YouTube and realizing just how much you wasted five minutes of your life. Nothing)

Anyway, in this edition, the Sassy Gay Friend takes on the titular tree from The Giving Tree, a book which I think we can all agree is effed up. I never liked it and I never will (I don’t care how charming Shel Silverstein’s illustrations are), and this gay interventionist version is far more palatable.

Via Towleroad.