Women Can Actually Become Lesbians, Despite Popular Belief

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Three women throught the years

Two recently-released studies indicate women can indeed develop homosexual tendencies as they progress through life, even though they may have previously been straight.

These reports contradict long-held suspicions that those who come out of the closet, experience their first bout of strong romantic/sexual attraction to another woman, or at least engage in their first lesbian experience well into adulthood were all merely suppressing those feelings for many years.

Not so, say the two studies:

Both are based on interviews with women who shifted their sexual orientations.

In the first, Christan Moran, a researcher at Southern Connecticut State University, talked to 200 lesbians who had previously been in heterosexual marriages. She concluded that there is "great potential for heterosexual women to experience a first same-sex attraction well into adulthood."

In another study, this one from the University of Utah, 100 women who had displayed some degree of same-sex attraction were tracked over a decade. Some of the women who classified themselves as "lesbians" became heterosexual, and some who considered themselves "bisexual" became lesbians. This suggests female sexuality is much more fluid than male sexuality. [Asylum]

You know, maybe those studies don’t quite prove (or even cover) the idea that a woman can become gay later in life. What do you think?