Julianne Moore gets naked with baby lions

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Julianne Moore for Bulgari

Julianne Moore knows that, even though she might be on the A list and making gobs of money as a movie star and sometime scene stealer on 30 Rock, Hollywood is rarely this kind for this long to 40-something women.

So, at the tail end of 2009, Moore joined up with the Bulgari people for a series of eye-popping ad campaigns involving clothing accessories, animals or birds, and her own naked self.

(The first run can be found here… with our initial celebratory photo spread here.)

These ads seem to echo a reader’s comment back in February that these ads make them want to own one of these creatures as pets… and not so much the handbags. We just want whatever Julianne Moore’s selling.

Here’s another teaser:

Julianne Moore for Bulgari nude