M. Night Shyamalan’s new film, “Devil,” has a great trailer

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M. Night Shyamalan has so many movies going on right now. The Last Airbender is just out in theaters, and now the trailer for his next film, Devil, has been released. Like all of Shyamalan’s films, the trailer is pretty awesome:

Let me tell you guys: I was recently stuck in an elevator at Nerve HQ with several interns, an editor, and some sales people. It lasted about two minutes, and I almost shit my pants. I am deeply afraid of a few things: enclosed spaces, falling from great heights, and the Devil killing me. So, ding ding ding! Anyway, the point is that we lost an intern that day (he seemed shifty; RIP Chris), but at least I survived and I can understand how terrifying this premise is.

Unfortunately, I also know that M. Night makes great trailers but terrible films. (Really, go back and watch: great trailers all.) I might be disappointed in the end, but I still hope this lives up to its promise.