M.I.A.’s Letterman performance last night means nothing

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However you feel about Lady Gaga (i.e. has no message, is all artifice) is fine, but don’t try to use it as ammunition for your pro-M.I.A rhetoric. (As if the argument that one pop star being better than another is an argument worth having, anyway.)

Check out the live performance of her barn-burning single, "Born Free." If you’ve seen the original video, you know it showcases M.I.A.’s penchant for revolution n’ stuff. And sure – at least her music has a message and isn’t some vapid meditation on authenticity and celebrity like Lady – oh wait, it is. That is exactly what this is. Additionally, whatever musical engineer (possibly her?) thought that adding an edgy noise element would take it to the next level, it did in the sense that I had to turn down my computer’s VOLUME LEVELS. (Awesome joke.)

Watch Dave’s reaction at the end: