Talib Kweli’s new oil-spill-themed video is beautiful, not especially subtle

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Warner Bros. Records just sent us the new video, "Ballad of the Black Gold," from Revolutions Per Minute, Reflection Eternal’s first album in ten years. The oil-themed clip obviously couldn’t be more timely, and it’s beautifully shot, full of lustrous crude dripping all over people, vinyl records, televisions, and other overt symbols. But I’m guessing the message here isn’t "Look at all that beautiful oil! Fossil-fuel-a-go-go!" Actually, I’m not really obliged to guess at the message, since it’s about as subtle as, um, an oil spill: oil = bad. Most of us would probably agree, but it’s not exactly news (timely or not), and at his best, Talib Kweli’s given us social commentary that’s more moving and less didactic. That said, it’s very much worth watching, whether you’re a fan of hip-hop or just still on the fence about this whole "oil" thing. As a bonus, check out our recent interview with Kweli here.