OKCupid: Our Online Daters Lie About Their Stats

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Tall girl short guy

Those were OK Cupid’s words, not mine.

Actually, they didn’t quite come out and say that, but one of the world’s biggest online dating sites did have a blog post the other day that essentially broke down their online daters and presented them as they really were: five-foot-one, balding and probably in debt to their moms for last month’s rent.

Among the things I learned or confirmed thanks to their story:

-tall guys have all the sex (ed. note: glad I’m tall — it’s hard enough trying to get laid with this unbearable personality)

-people are, on average, two inches shorter in real life (ed. note: but three inches longer when erect — hey oh!)

"a 5′ 4" woman gets 60 more contacts each year than a six-footer"

-people are, on average, only 80% as rich as they claim to be

-the more appealing the profile pic, the older it probably is

-80% of those who list themselves as interested in men/women are really only interested in one or the other

Read more here for the explanations and some fancy-schmancy graphs.