The new Old Spice man has started responding to the internet

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You probably remember the guy from the new series of Old Spice Body Wash commercials — his real (awesome) name is Isaiah Mustafa — he’s the one who was on a horse and gave you stern yet alluring commands about where to look and declarations about how much your boyfriend sucked comapred to him. We all liked these ads. Lots of people talked about them. You can watch here, for old times’ sake:

Good job, Old Spice. But now it seems like they have that actor under some sort of insane, we-own-your-soul kind of contract, because they’ve started releasing videos of him (in character) responding to people. Lots of videos. And what kind of people, you ask? Oh, you know: Ashton Kutcher. Apollo Ohno. Alyssa Milano, like, five times. Random people on Twitter. Gabe from Videogum. Himself, on Twitter. You can see the whole list on Old Spice’s YouTube page.

It’s enough to give you a headache, but at least all the videos have been well done and generally hilarious. My favorite, though, is easily this response to Rose McGowan:

Old Spice: actually understanding how to harness the power of the internet since February 2010.