The trailer for the ‘Hawaii Five-0’ reboot looks surprisingly good

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Believe me, I was as shocked to type out that headline as you were to read it. But at least watch the trailer before you judge me any further. While it is certainly not a guarantee that the show itself will be good, I can’t help but feel a little excited. Just a bit:

I don’t know the main guy (Alex O’Laughlin, of Three Rivers and Moonlight "fame"), but can we examine the rest of the main cast for just a second? We have the adorably doofy Scott Caan:

The please-don’t-make-me-leave-Hawaii-even-though-Lost-is-done Daniel Dae Kim:

The known hot Canadian and geek fantasy lady Grace Park:

And did I catch a glimpse of perma-hottie James Marsters? Oh yes I did:

I know this is very likely to not meet my new expectations, but luckily I have until September to cherish those lofty hopes.

Via Vulture.