Dustin Hoffman, Michael Mann explore horse-racing underworld in “Luck,” new HBO drama

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Dustin Hoffman in HBO's LUCK

Sometimes I think I could get my own HBO series; it seems like all you have to do is start your pitch with "Set in the world of _____," and they will make whatever is in the blank provocative and watchable. This time they’re filling in the blank with horse racing: the (not really) TV channel just picked up Luck, a sure-to-be awesome look into the minds and worlds of gamblers, jockeys, owners, and mabye – just maybe – horses. 

If you’re worried that a show about sport only creepy uncles are into will not reach HBO’s standards of provocation and watchability, keep in mind that Luck is from David Milch, the guy behind the intense Deadwood. And that occasionally-intense Dustin Hoffman will be the star. And that too-intense Michael Mann is directing. And that creepily intense Vincent Gallo is scoring the series.

OK, there’s no Gallo (yet), but, come on, could this show sound any more intense? The only foreseeable negative is the scores of annoying people who will say they’ve always been really into off-track betting. There’s no word on when the show will premiere yet, so if you’re one of those people, start studying.