Jewel pranks a karaoke bar for Funny Or Die

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Who says karaoke fans have no taste?

Jewel Kilcher hasn’t been on the radar as much lately, so it makes sense that FunnyOrDie would enlist her as an undercover operative in a karaoke prank. This one has a simple premise: make pop singer Jewel up to be totally unrecognizable (covering up her nose job with a prosthetic, for example), drag her to an "office karaoke party" comprised of hired actors, and watch as a bar full of L.A. drunks reacts to the ugly duckling belting out "Who Will Save Your Soul?" with absolute perfection.

As for how the karaoke patrons knew all the words, they probably, um, just read them off the monitor. (Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin the moment there.)