Old Spice guy has big competition

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 Isaiah Mustafa As Old Spice Guy

The world’s collective crush right now, Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa, has some competition. His name is OhDoctah and he is more man than you. Why? This is why:

One one hand, I love that Old Spice guy rides a motorcycle, knows how to handle a chainsaw and of course, Swan Dive! On the other hand, OhDoctah knows how to embrace his feminine side. It’s age-old dilemma of the man’s man vs. the ladies’ man: Colin Firth vs. Steve McQueen.

I think I may have to defer to Isaiah. Nonetheless, it looks like Old Spice guy is done responding to every lustful tweet directed his way. His bids us farewell, and we will miss him.

Via BoingBoing