“Onion” editor uses Facebook to clean out his closet

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Joe Garden
It happens to everyone: you’re packing to move to a new apartment and you discover a few boxes that have hung out, unopened, since the last move. Weird childhood knicknacks, plastic baggies full of coins from other countries, and approximately four hundred printed tee-shirts. If you’re like me, you mentally resolve to throw some stuff out, open them, spend an hour going through them, and then tape the boxes back up and do nothing.

One brave soul, however, is making a change. Joe Garden, an editor at The Onion, has embarked upon The Tee-shirt Project, an internet-fueled closet cleanse. He will post a photo of himself wearing one t-shirt from his collection every day, and let the internet vote to decide whether he should keep it or toss it. So far, the opinion of the masses has been pretty spot on:

A "Get il" shirt with the picture of Kim Jong Il – an obvious "Keep."

Joe Garden's T-Shirt Project

A "Bacon of the Month Club" tee, perhaps a keep, except for "two coffee or blood stains above logo" which make it a clear "Toss."

Joe Garden's T-shirt project

But also, some baffling choices. This ill-fitting Nathan’s hot-dog eating contest tee (for a contest he didn’t even enter) was overwhelmingly endorsed. It would have been an clear "toss" to me.

Joe Garden's T-shirt project

It just goes to show – nostalgia and a sense of irony are the enemies of a stream-lined tee-shirt collection. If you want to help Joe be a better, you can vote here or on Facebook.