Russia opens park for lovers to make up after a fight

Russian park lovers

A park that just reopened in a village between Moscow and St. Petersburg is designed to help Russian couples make up... just maybe not in the way you think.

Peter and Fevronia Square, as it has been dubbed by the Russkies, is not some hookup spot or place to flash passerby without fear of arrest. It's less about sex than love, more about keeping a good thing going than keeping a good thing erotic:

The square is equipped with a bench that is sloped on both sides so that quarreling lovers are bound to slide back to the center and eventually kiss and make up, the committee's website said.

The square has other elements as well, including flower beds where lovers may plant their own flowers, and a stork nest in an ash tree that lovebirds can toss coins into for good luck and wish for "an addition to the family."

Of course, if they did something like that here (that means you, New York City), there would be cops patrolling the area, breaking up anything remotely romantic, like a choreographed declaration of love, for not having the proper permits.


Commentarium (4 Comments)

Jul 15 10 - 5:00pm

Perhaps "remotely romantic" couplings should be broken up anyway?

Jul 15 10 - 5:30pm

Do you think that hot Russian spy would go there with me?

Jul 15 10 - 6:03pm

Lovers just better stay away from vodka...and water. Over 200 younger people died last week in Russia from drinking and swimming because of the horrible head wave.

Jul 16 10 - 10:51am

Russians, man. First Chatroulette and now this? Disgusting.