Broken Social Scene releases confusing G20 protest video

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Canadian Band Broken Social Scene with Balloons

The post-Bono era of music has proven that having loud, somewhat tenable political views will win musicians publicity, some cred, and maybe a Rolling Stone cover. Oh, and it will enact political change — that too. Kanye West did it, M.I.A. is doing it, and now Canadian indie rockers Broken Social Scene is doing it. They’ve released a YouTube video protestting June’s G20 summit in Toronto. It was apparently sent to the band by an anonymous fan (is it you, Bono?), and is random, frantic, and meandering. Or in other words, it’s kind of like the actual G20 protests.

So what does the video’s message? It’s hard to say from simply watching the video, which is like an version of the video from The Ring put out by Adbusters. Protest clips are spliced with a bizarre range of items (Obama speeches, children playing video games, NASCAR races) and is set to "Meet Me in the Basement." I’m not sure what it means, but my best guess is that most G20 activists didn’t realize they were protesting, they just thought Broken Social Scene was playing.