GoodCrush is the Missed Connections site for college kids, perverts

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How Good Crush works

The college website GoodCrush is part Facebook, part Missed Connections, and part one of those websites in which people anonymously submit their crushes.

The whole thing is a little on the cheesy side, and it’s hard to imagine a serious college senior anonymously submitting the e-mail addresses of their crushes in the hope that one of them will sign on to the site and enter that person’s e-mail for the match… but the Wall Street Journal found one:

As luck would have it, the young man that Ms. Johnson had been eyeing, who was indeed a law student, wrote back to her through GoodCrush’s anonymous (no names, no photos) messaging system. They exchanged notes for a few days and then decided to take the plunge and meet in person. They have been dating for the past four months.

My first and only reaction to this was that it reminded me a lot of Facebook back before all the post-grads got on there.

The WSJ goes on to profile the site’s owner, a college sophomore when he started the enterprise:

The site is the brainchild of 23-year-old Josh Weinstein who started it in 2007… at Princeton. Within 24 hours of launching GoodCrush, 30% of the school’s study body had signed up. Today, the site, which went live on 20 college campuses in February, has 14,000 users and requests from students at over 80 other colleges. It’s also attracted some venture capital, though Mr. Weinstein won’t disclose how much.

The site also features a live feed of Missed Connections and proposed hookups ("I’m asian. If you’re asian too, I’m open for business," etc.) Check it out here.