Michael Showalter has a new web series on Babelgum

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True story: a few days ago I was sitting in a subway seat in front of the MTA map. (That description should make sense even to people not from New York.) A guy leaned over me trying to look at the map. Some time passed. He was looking too long. Get away, guy looking at the subway map! This is the seat that I have chosen! I looked up. This guy was Michael Showalter. Our eyes met, and I must have shown a flash of recognition, because he returned to his seat and neither of us looked at each other for the rest of the trip.

Story over. What I learned: Michael Showalter goes places, does things. His new project is a web series on Babelgum called "The Making Of…" This particular episode shows the making of the Intel commercials, an imagining of what goes into the human chorus of the "bum bum BUM" that closes every commercial. It’s pretty funny. There’s Zak Orth as an angry choir conductor. There’s the kicking over of trash cans. Check it out: