This Week In Sex: Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr and many more favorites

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Jessica Biel Glamour UK

How were the police still able to make an arrest of a woman who greeted them at the door in the nude, holding a beer?

This story of a middle-aged woman having a threesome with underage teenage boys just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the sentence. 

Apparently, birth control will not be covered under "preventative services" under the new health care reform law.

A female llama caused a traffic jam in Germany when she escaped the clutches of a horny male llama.

Did you hear about that woman who claimed she was in a car crash because she was having sex? (She’s since amended it to simply "I’m an idiot.") Here’s a no-bullshit guide to getting it on in a moving motor vehicle

Cheating is the reason for divorce in only one-fourth of UK divorces, with most breakups coming after about a dozen years.

And in the photo roundup: Jessica Biel for Glamour UK, more shots of Katy Perry nude during the "California Gurls" shoot, Miranda Kerr for Victoria’s Secret, Kelly Brook as Princess Leia again and for the hell of it, Lindsay Lohan retouched toward hotness in GQ, and AnnaLynne McCord at the Inception premiere.

Got any sexy photos to add (any celebrity dudes this week)? Link to them in the comments.

Katy Perry nude california gurls

Miranda Kerr hot lingerie

Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret

Kelly Brook as Princess Leia

Lindsay Lohan GQ

AnnaLynne McCord sideboob