Vampire Weekend sued by “Contra” cover girl

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However you feel about Vampire Weekend’s music (as a New Yorker in a band, my own feelings range from grudging admiration to jealous rage), you have to admit they’re great at picking album covers that encapsulate their whole vibe. If you try to describe the girl on the cover of Contra — pretty, preppy, affectless, and slightly out-of-time — you get a set of adjectives just as neatly suited to "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa."

So, aesthetically, they’ve got the album-cover thing on lockdown. How about legally? Not so much, it turns out. The pretty, preppy girl is named Kirsten Kennis, and she’s suing the band and the photographer for $2 million. (Not so affectless now, eh?) The photographer says he has a model release for the 1983 image; Kennis says her signature was forged. Apparently people photographed in the ’80s can still be a huge pain in the ass in the ’10s. The whole thing could go a long way towards deflating Ezra Koenig’s ’80s nostalgia — anyone want to take bets on which decade album #3 sounds like?