108-year-old woman back together with 38-year-old man

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Old woman and young manCan true love survive a huge age difference… even if that difference is as much as 70 years?

It seems almost instinctive to call "fake" on this, but the AFP reported over the weekend that a 108-year-old woman in Malaysia is back together with her 38-year-old husband. (Can you say "great-grandmother issues?")

The husband had been in a drug treatment facility for a full year, but when it came time to make life-changing decisions at the end of his stay, Muhammad Noor Che Musa vowed to return to his much-older bride.

"I am grateful my husband has come back, I am happy we see each other again because I really love him. We will return to our normal life and I will serve my duty as a wife, just like any other woman."

Muhammad said his elderly wife, whom he married in northern Terengganu state, visited him five times while he was at the rehab center.

"I always miss her. I know I had done something wrong and I have repented," he said. [Fox]

If you’re enjoying this story, perhaps you want to skip the original’s offhand note that this is her twenty-third marriage.