U2 is the most popular band in the world, still

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Velvet UndergroundIt’s not Radiohead. It’s not AC/DC. It’s not Coldplay or the Black Eyed Peas (thank God) or even Animal Collective, despite what the ever-changing taste of your roommate dictates.

According to Forbes, the #1 band is still U2. The magazine based their conclusion on ticket sales (and despite a cancellation of much of U2’s summer tour) and probably a few thousand copies of their No Line On The Horizon CD for those of you who aren’t on eMusic and provide life support to the record stores. The band’s total take is believed to be $130 million, or half the price of one of Bono’s mansions.

This is good news for Rolling Stones fans, however, because as Keith Richards never fails to mention in interviews, Mick Jagger will never let a musical outfit make more money than him. Thus, the Stones will wheel out their guitars and the unidentified band members that have actually been playing the songs on the last six tours and doing another $400 million tour in 2011.

Meanwhile, I’ll just pretend my prediction from ten years ago that Britney Spears would be entirely forgotten by now has not just been met with a massive reality check.

Image of the best rock band of all-time, which once opened for U2, via.