Kathy Griffin calls Scott Brown’s daughters prostitutes, we investigate

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Scott Brown daughters prostitutes hot 

When comedian/reality show D-lister Kathy Griffin had two CNN reporters on her Bravo show last week, she has them prep her for a trip to Washington.

Predictably, she called some Senators who were against repealing "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" "fucking losers" and "old fartbags," the latter of which certainly applies in the case of John McCain. But what’s been causing a steady backlash in the blogs is her remarks about Scott Brown‘s daughters, Ayla and Arianna, whom Griffin referred to as "prostitutes."

We finally dug up a video of this so you can judge for your non-judgmental selves:

It might have disappeared from everything except this season’s DVD set, had the Senator from Massachusetts not weighed in yesterday:

“People can call me any name they want, but families are off limits," Brown said. "I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna very much, and any parent would be proud to have them as children. Kathy Griffin and Bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

It’s nice to see him stepping away from the Billy Ray Cyrus model, which he seemed to veer toward after calling his daughters "available" last year.