Adorable little girl recites Mel Gibson’s leaked phone rants

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We haven’t spoken too much about the on-going, seemingly endless Mel Gibson melt-down that is happening all around us. (But seriously, I feel like this has been going on for years. Can’t we just be done with it? As my close personal friend the Mortal Kombat narrator says, "FINISH HIM.") I’ve only even listened to one of the leaked phone conversations, because it was so awful and scary and gross (just like Mel), and instead of listening to those things, I could just spend my time watching this video of cute dogs looking quizzical:

But some people have found a way to make his crazy rants more palatable, in medium if not in message. On his show last night, for instance, Jimmy Kimmel soften the verbal blows by having an adorable little girl named Cordelia read them. It’s still awful… awfully funny! (I’m so sorry.)

Ah, little kids: making awful things cute since the start of the internet.

Via Huffington Post.