European man turns to Shakespeare to find true love

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Leo and Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet35-year-old Gabor Lazar of Budapest has tried everything. He waited for love. He actively sought out love. Hell, he may have even tried internet dating, that novelty idea.

But Lazar has finally hit upon what he thinks might be a surefire way to happiness: Romeo and Juliet.

Probably because the starcross’d lovers end up offing themselves on a table by the conclusion of Act V (spoiler!), Lazar concentrates on an earlier scene in the story:

A lonely Romeo is hoping to find true love after throwing flyers on to 300 balconies announcing that he was looking for his Juliet.

‘I only chose balconies that I liked, because if there is a woman there that gets back in touch with me it means we have the same style and that’s a good starting point…’

The flyers read: "Lonely Romeo looking for his Juliet and a serious relationship. I had been working and studying hard and have a lot of romance to catch up on." So far he’s received a few phonecalls, but has not said whether he has been on a date yet. [Metro]

Based on all available evidence, we’re pretty sure he’s never been on a date. Kidding.