Facebook now mainly used for spying on your significant other, whining

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Mashable reprinted a Facebook survey from and the results are pretty eye-opening, especially the part about whether or not your boyfriend is spying on you through your Facebook account.

Answer: ladies… time to log out.

When asked if they had ever read a partner’s Facebook messages, e-mail or other electronic correspondence, the men answered thusly:

  • Yes, but only with my partner’s knowledge: 23.51%
  • Yes, but only because it was open on the desktop: 13.32%
  • Yes, I broke into my partner’s e-mail or messaging account: 8.90%
  • No, but I would if I suspected my partner was up to something: 21.54%
  • No, I respect my partner’s privacy: 32.73%

That’s right, folks, only about a third of dudes with significant others who have Facebook accounts (so, practically ever dude with a girlfriend under 67) resisted the urge to find out if his girl has truly blocked her ex or if that outing with the girls is really just with the girls.

The next response was a relief, thankfully:

If you had the ability to, would you track your partner’s physical movement (with a GPS implant, for example)? Only 3.56% said “Yes,” while 79.28% said no.