Facebook’s “User Satisfation” is roughly as high as that of the IRS’s tax site

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The American Customer Satisfaction Index – an organization that does exactly what you’d think it does – reports that Facebook’s customer satisfaction rate is 64 out of 100 which puts it in the bottom five percent of companies ranked. 

Its bedfellows down there at the bottom include such beloved institutions airlines, cable companies, and the e-filing tax site run by the IRS (Apparently, it’s not even as good as the private tax sites that pretend to be free and then aren’t.) In perhaps the most telling comparison, MySpace ranked 63, just one teeny point lower than the ‘Book. Recent rage about privacy violations, aggressive advertising and comercialization, and the ubiquity of annoying people and your grandmother are the chief causes cited.

Or it could be the ghosts. The New York Times (and Scanner) reported yesterday that an increase in older Facebookers has lead to a problem with still-active profiles of dead, sometimes long-dead, users. If the profiles aren’t deleted, deceased users will pop up in searches and as recommended friends, like pokes from the great beyond.