I'm trying not to get uptight about the existence of sex dolls. For some reason the HBO's Real Sex segments on sex doll production never bothered me, but something about this video - maybe it's the faux-altruistic vibe of creating of actual female sex objects - is really troubling.

The artist doesn't see anything wrong with giving lonely dudes some much-needed company. He won't judge. Additionally, he's not making "super model-esque" mannequins. He's making women with "curves." (Body image empowerment, ladies!) However, they were designed to look like women in porn. This is not to say that any woman that gets a little overzealous with eyeshadow is a porn star, but every detail of these dolls, from their facial expressions to their posture, was designed to arrouse. (They are sex dolls.)

At the end of the day, you could say it's just the logical extension of a dildo or a vagina in a box (that's a thing, right) - they both mimic anatomy, and in a sense, people. But there's something about seeing a complete human form strung up by their hind hocks slaughterhouse-style that's just...unsettling.

Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.

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Jul 20 10 - 11:47am

It's disturbing, all right. But so is never being touched. Sure, a vibrator or dildo or Fleshlight will give direct stimulation to one specific body part, but sometimes you need to feel touched on your face or torso. Going for years or decades or even an entire lifetime without feeling someone (even an artificial someone) touching you can be a very weird form of torture. I can certainly understand why someone would pay SO much more to get that extra feeling beyond just what a traditional sex aid offers. And anyone who's desperate and lonely enough to pay what they're asking probably already feels themselves rejected by society to such a point that the disturbing issue is a hurdle they've long since leaped over.

Now, if people who already had access to affection and sex were buying these, THEN I'd be really worried.

Apr 07 12 - 12:13pm

Well said. We are foolishly attempting to give away the natures (oops for those read as God's) gift. The only reason of all life form activities is to proliferate and sexual pleasure is the incentive. Humans attempting to shed that off and keep only the pleasure will end up facing the revenge of the nature (or for those -The God)

Jul 20 10 - 11:57am

The notion of "The perfect woman" being an inanimate doll you can design is certainly a little off putting. Also, what's up with the accordion music in the clip?

Jul 20 10 - 12:10pm

93 - I think you got it spot on

Jul 20 10 - 12:49pm

1. A "hock" is part of a hind leg, so you don't need to say "hind hock."

2. They are not "strung up by their hind hocks," they have a built-in thing at the back of their neck.

3. Finding the manufacturing process "unsettling" does not mean that the dolls themselves should be seen as unsettling. All manufacturing processes are unsettling- those Sesame Street videos of crayons and marbles being made are scary, too.

Jul 21 10 - 11:03am

I didn't listen to the clip, so I'm assuming the doll-maker made the "perfect woman" quip. With nothing but a few anecdotes to back me up, I suspect most of the purchasers of these dolls aren't seeing them as "the perfect woman," but more like what 93 said -- some extended contact, even if it's an advanced simulacrum. The type of creep who would sniggeringly refer to a giant doll as "the perfect woman"/replacement is the type of guy picking up women at the bar, not investing in one of these things.

Aside from all that, they look like most of the "hot" women you constantly post to this blog anyway.

Sep 02 10 - 1:56pm

There's a pretty fantastic documentary online about this very topic. It shows several men that purchase and live with the dolls, and in a really sad sort of way it makes a lot of sense. The documentary wasn't biased either.

There was a reclusive 20 something that couldn't fit in with society. There was an older 50 something that had a girlfriend and had collected over 8 of the dolls. They showed a story about a guy who fixes the dolls as freelance work. And then, the most touching story, was of an elderly man who had grown up never finding anyone to be with, and now as he's retired he takes the real dolls out on dates and lives with them to talk too. And not in a "I talk to inanimate objects, because I'm crazy way." but a significant talking to something that looks human because he feels so alone way.

I understand why some women get put off by them, but, I think that's because suddenly the power shift has occurred. Though men have the illusion of power, it's really the women that have all the say. Dolls don't have must to say.

Oct 14 10 - 8:15am

where can i get one of these wonderfull things?