Artist creates eerily realistic sex dolls to look like “real women”

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I’m trying not to get uptight about the existence of sex dolls. For some reason the HBO’s Real Sex segments on sex doll production never bothered me, but something about this video – maybe it’s the faux-altruistic vibe of creating of actual female sex objects – is really troubling.

The artist doesn’t see anything wrong with giving lonely dudes some much-needed company. He won’t judge. Additionally, he’s not making "super model-esque" mannequins. He’s making women with "curves." (Body image empowerment, ladies!) However, they were designed to look like women in porn. This is not to say that any woman that gets a little overzealous with eyeshadow is a porn star, but every detail of these dolls, from their facial expressions to their posture, was designed to arrouse. (They are sex dolls.)

At the end of the day, you could say it’s just the logical extension of a dildo or a vagina in a box (that’s a thing, right) – they both mimic anatomy, and in a sense, people. But there’s something about seeing a complete human form strung up by their hind hocks slaughterhouse-style that’s just…unsettling.

Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.