Japanese people apparently hate brown nipples

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nipples brown and pinkThe Faster Times has a story today about Japan’s hatred of the brown-nippled ones.

The writer cites a conversation in the Murakami novel "Norwegian Wood" (brownie points for that — no pun intended) and a plastic surgeon who has operated on Japanese girls who want to change their brown nipples… to pink.

And there’s a belief in Japan that pink nipples denote purity, while brown ones … don’t. A female plastic surgeon I know who works in Tokyo put it this way: “Japanese girls want to have pink nipples because Japanese guys like them. For some Japanese men, the less sexual experience a woman has, the better. Little experience means she is clean and precious for them.”

One Yahoo! Answers respondent says: "As a guy, I’d prefer pink ones. Brown makes me think of cinnamon toast or even maple syrup, and so brown makes me hungry. Plus pink is their natural pretty color." He’s joking… I think.