Mississippi school pays gay teen $35,000 over prom debacle

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Constance McMillen, the lesbian teen who was banned from bringing her girlfriend to her Itawamba Agricultural High School prom last spring, was awarded $35,000 in a settlement between the Mississippi school and the ACLU. The school also "adopt[ed] a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation," however one enforces that in a place like Fulton, Mississippi.

This is great news for McMillen, not to mention the example it will make to other public schools dragging a good fifteen years behind the rest of the country. But as the teen said, "I won’t ever get my prom back."

I would take heading the New York Pride Parade and $35,000 over the shitshow that was high school prom any day (though, maybe not festivities afterward). Though, she has a point. It’s a shame to be denied something so basic to everyone else simply because of who you are.