Internet trying to determine the identities of the postcard marriage proposal couple

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Who are Jennie Turner from Ontario, Canada and Robbie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin? They almost got engaged by postcard, but it seems Robbie got her address wrong. Allow me to explain:

A family at an address in Thunder Bay, Ontario received a postcard apparently sent from Miller Valley, which is in Milwaukee U.S.A.

“Hi Jenny, It‘s awesome being here with you in Miller Valley. We‘re going to see an Eric Clapton concert. Hey I was thinking – do you want to marry me? I love you, Robbie (no last name).”

Unfortunately, neither the family in Thunder Bay nor any of their neighbors know of a Turner family nearby. Investigations by the local media have so far produced no leads. Internet — this sounds like the perfect mission for you: bring two people together and offset all those terrible things you’ve done in the past, like pretty much every comment on YouTube, ever. 

On June 28th, Eric Clapton played a show in Milwaukee, and the postmark reads June 30th. One must to wonder what’s happened to Jennie and Robbie in the mere month since then… perhaps he tried again by text… and hopefully wasn’t using AT&T.