Miss New York 2010 runs on a gay-rights platform

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Claire Buffie, a designer and a dancer, was recently crowned Miss New York 2010 and became the first Miss America contestant to run on a platform based on gay rights. More specifically, her platform is called "Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk", which she said was inspired by two things: her sister, who is a lesbian, and the fact that she grew up in the performing arts and knows a ton of LGBT people. You can get better acquainted with Claire by watching interview with her from PlumTV:

Go Claire! Maybe she can counteract the damage done to the pageant-contestant image done by Miss Opposite Marriage herself, Carrie Prejean:

(Ugh, wanna start your day out on the wrong foot? Read some of those YouTube comments. Also, yes, I know that Prejean and Buffie are not involved in the same pageant system. Whatever.)

Anyway, I can’t speak to Claire’s chances — though being both a dancer and one of Apple’s Genius Bar workers is an impressive combo (seriously, I will find my future husband at a Genius Bar — those people are impressive). But she seems like an awesome person and she’s got a great cause, and that’s good enough for me.

Via Towleroad.