More women cheat while on vacation than men, says idiotic website

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Here’s your morning dosage of rage-inducing nonsense in the form of a "study": women are more likely than men to cheat while on vacation, sometimes even when their husbands are nearby.

Of course, once you get past that surprise intro, you find the actual story:

According to new research from British "married dating site" IlicitEncounters, over a third of (already cheating) spouses can’t keep it in their pants while on vacation solo or with friends. In fact, six percent of the sneaky devils strayed while on holiday with their spouse. The real news, however, is that married women vacationing with friends are more likely to break their vows than men.

The spokesperson from IllicitEncounters — which sounds like one of those VCR foreplay "games" I found in my aunt’s dresser drawer — explains this phenomenon by saying "The sun is an aphrodisiac." Really? Only for women? Gimme a break.

IllicitEncounters was established in 2003, and expects have half a million memberships by the end of this month. Their study indicated that 63% of the 800 men and 800 women surveyed also said they would prefer to vacation with their mistress or…mister than their spouse, and that male cheaters were more likely to take their lovers on holiday than their wives. 

You know, when you start taking your mistress/mister on vacation instead of your spouse, your marriage may be headed toward… counseling. Shocking, I know.