Daft Punk scores “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack

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You are understandably pumped for the new Tron movie. It’s only natural. Ever since you saw the trailer during previews for Inception it’s all you can talk about. In fact, you wish they could somehow combine the two movies into one big genre-defying shroom hallucination. (You said that.)

Fortunately, that cannot be accomplished or your delicate egg shell of a mind would shatter into a thousand pieces. But Tron: Legacy boasts a different, excellent collaboration. According to Pitchfork, Daft Punk scored the soundtrack to the Jeff Bridges sequel which will be released around the same time as the film. (Late December-ish.)

I can’t think of a more perfect comination than Daft Punk and Tron. They’re like those two assholes from You’ve Got Mail – always crossing paths, never meeting until Tom Hanks’ realizes they were meant for each other and manipulates Meg Ryan until the conclusion of the movie, where his dog runs into the park and they kiss forever. It’s like that.