MTV voted the most gay-friendly network, TBS the least

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Village Voice Jersey Shore Boys

Remember when Village Voice put those shiny Jersey Shore boys on the cover of its Queer Issue? Really, you do? Weird. Well in that case, you’d be interested to know that MTV is now the first network to ever receive an "excellent" rating on GLAAD’s "Network Responsibility Index." Also ranked highly by the annual survey is the CW, whose 35% approval rating (devastatingly deemed as "adequate") makes it the gay-friendliest of the broadcast networks. Fox, TNT and, interestingly, ABC Family were also ranked highly, while ABC, Lifetime and HBO were only sorta gay-friendly.

But what if you’re afraid that all this homo programming will make you, you know, homo? Never fear, because you can always watch CBS, A&E, and TBS, all of which earned below 10% ("failing") on GLAAD’s index of "fair, accurate and inclusive LGBT media representations." Luckily (or unfortunately?) for Fox News, the Index apparently excludes news channels, as we’re certain that Bill O’Reilly and company would somehow get a negative rating. (The math would be tricky, but Glenn Beck’s got a pretty good chalkboard that could help.)